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Tools for Dietitians/Nutritionists created or selected
by T. Murray
  • Dietitian's Planner - This web page Calculates required calories by 5 formulas including Harris-Benedict, Mifflin, WHO and Owen. Uses mouse driven input of height, weight, activity, age and gender to calculate requirements.
    Provides a mouse driven way of choosing various food group serving amounts and calculates the nutrient content, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, and Kilojoules ( & Calories) producing totals and percents.

  • Diet Tool.08 for dietitians. Download
    Here is a Visual Basic version of the Dietitian's Planner for those who don't have access to a browser. Unfortunately Visual Basic needs a .DLL file to be installed from the Windows CD to make your computer capable of running Visual Basic applications (diettool.exe) version 07 new October 29, 2007.
    Download and enjoy.

  • Meal Planner - This web page is a (short version of Dietitian's Planner ) which will print better on portrait orientation.

  • Dysphagia Calculator - Keyboard input An online spreadsheet to help calculate dysphagia menus. Lets a dietitian input food choices to achieve a required nutrient balance, kcal and fluid volume. It tracks protein, carbohydrate, fat, Kcal and ml.

  • Excel Renal Calculator To help calculate renal diets. Lets a dietitian modify foods & values and to save patient calculation sheets. Still evolving May 2009 anyone may continue to adapt it for themselves.

  • Excel Renal Calculator For Pina with Saint Mary's Regime - to help calculate renal diets. As adapted by Pina. Still evolving May 2009.

  • Sample Menu Creator - Mouse driven This web page will help a dietitian, who has determined a diet, prepare a sample menu for a patient. The food choices were taken from a meal planning booklet given to diabetics at St. Mary's Hospital Centre in Montreal.

  • Other people's calculators and tools.

    Nutrient Database Search the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

    Fast Food Information
    It has a ton of crazy info on fast food :)

    The Athlete's Calculator calories, activity, body fat

    Calorie Calculator part of The Athlete's Calculator - running, cycling, swimming - determines activity factor from activity and distance.

    The nice part about these pages is is that they are available to anyone who has an internet capable computer. A newer (2000) browser is necessary but no expensive software. The pages can be saved from the internet and run when the computer is not connected to the web. They could also be shared and run from a floppy disk.
    There are many web pages with one or two formulas out there, this seems very inefficient, it would be nice to have all the useful tools on one page.
    These web "tool" pages use JavaScript and are mostly mouse driven. A version 4+ browser is necessary. These pages are still being tested - send suggestions for corrections to TMurray@sprucelog.com
    Partial stuff

    bee some formulas

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