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Google Maps mail Stop Watch Translate DuckDuckGo Mud Creations NUPIXO The Nutritionist qparse-apperq Skate Canada Färsk Graphics by Scot
alltheweb eBay.ca Some Artisans Everyone Weather history Kijiji Pottery Jazz Fest Deluge Media Jon Eakes
Drvl Potters' Gld Mother Art Wheel Camp Visibone Colours Edit Pottery HTML Validator Bing Joan Scott - Potter ISS sightings.
etsy Montreal Traffic Map Michel Conseils Limitée City of Dorval WolframAlpha PowHow Live How-to Classes BSM - Potter Slip Trailing YouTube Paper Bags
  • Boomers Radio - Crusin oldies

    Useful Stuff
  • Weather - Montreal Forecast
  • Weather - Squamish Forecast
  • Weather Radar - from Sainte-Annes
  • New 2021 Weather Radar
  • Weather history gc.ca
  • Time - in London & weather forecast
  • Quebec Road Conditions links to other places
  • Movies
  • Place des Arts
  • Amazon.ca books
  • Canadiens Practices - Bell Sports complex
  • Via Rail - Tickets
  • Air Canada - Arrivals
  • West Jet - Bookings
  • Bell Center - Montreal Events
  • reverse lookup - phone #s, ..for people in CANADA use Canada 411.
  • Find a Postal Code.Canada Post
  • Mtl Gazette
  • WebSitez - finds site addresses from a clue about the company or organization.
  • FaxZero.com Free Fax puts ad on page 1 of the fax...3 page max or $
  • STCUM - Montreal bus/metro/train schedules, stops & routes.
  • wikipedia - encyclopedia built collaboratively.
  • Bank of Canada Unclaimed Balances - search for your name.
  • Fancy Pak - montreal warehouse for bags prefer orders by email.
  • L'Emballage Tout - Open to public warehouse for bags, ribbons, tissue & cute stuff. on Thimens
  • Diettools
  • The Nutritionist on Instagram By Racha Najmeh, P.Dt. Clinical dietitian, menu consultant & recipe developer

  • Sound Trap Chrome app
  • XE.com currency converter
  • clipart.com find animated gifs
  • msconfig names startup info
  • XML tutorial
  • PHP for XML files

    Stuff I think is Neat
  • Cayoush - Trails from Fat Map - get the app

  • Arduino - an open-source electronics prototyping platform creating interactive objects.
  • interlocked - 3d puzzles.
  • Khan Academy - free video lessons...math from the beginning.
  • Montreal Cam - cameras on Montreal every 20 sec. Check out the penguins at the Biodome.
  • Montreal Traffic Cams - cameras on Quebec roads. Quebec 511
  • Maine 511 - road report.
  • Worldometers World statistics.
  • MapPoint MapBlast MapQuest Expedia - travelguide, street map.
  • World Web Cams
  • Earth View
  • News papers on line - daily papers of the world.
  • Project Gutenberg

    Old Teacher Stuff.
  • TOURBUS a listserv archive of neat stuff on the web.
  • The Rough Guide A good starting book & Site.

  • Tutorials in a bunch of computer languages & utilities.
  • Montreal - activities, info, transport.
  • Centrepointe Theatre - Canadian Grandmasters Fiddle.

  • Hotels - Mtl last minute, deals.
  • The UN
  • A Legal Reference - Donald's law firm online.

  • Acronym Search
  • Bartleby encyclopedias etc.
  • Merriam-Webster
  • American Heritage illustrations, usage notes, audio pronunciations.
  • htmlgoodies - Help with HTML...or make your own page Geocities, or Tripod

  • Sailing - on the east coast.

  • Dictionaries 230 languages Your Dictionary.com & thesaurus. Family Activities, Homework Togetherness & Cute stuff
  • HomeWork Spot . Com US.
  • Study Habits Help.
  • The National Geographic.
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Eureka Alert - Recent research.
  • FernBank Science Center
  • PuzzlesHQ a collection of interactive puzzle sites.
  • Puzzlr - Word Puzzles

    Search Engines & Indexes
  • Yahoo Ask Jeeves Cyberlands Search Page / Global Search
  • Info Space - searchable phone book for Canada & US plus. (names, addresses) Four11 the world..find people, e-mail or companies.
  • NewsGroups DejaNews WWW access
  • Mag Portal Magazine search engine.

    Line dance links for beginners
  • basic moves red jacket lady
  • cupid shuffle
  • steps & vocabulary
  • nice slow seems basic - still can't keep up
  • cowboy hustle
  • basic county dance steps by vcusack1
  • Presented by Jean Cain, Instructor of the Dixie Dancers:
  • Little Rhumba green lady in bedroom
  • feet with numbers
  • 9 basic steps dancing with patti
  • dancing with patti web site

    links from Marc
  • EeeZee Boogie Teach and Demo
  • Mamma Maria ( Dance & Teach )
  • Easy Rumba - Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & ??)
  • Little Rhumba Line Dance (Demo & Walk Through)
  • Simply Mambo - Line Dance (Demo & Walk Through)
    yuk stutter step

    Second set from Marc
  • Forever Cool - Line Dance (Demo & Walk Through)
  • Easy Rumba - Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & ??)
  • Canadian Stroll (Walk thru & Danced)
  • Toeing the line

  • Almost cha cha
  • Gin and Tonic

  • Almost Jamaica
  • La Cucaracha
  • Just another day
  • Rocky love
  • Rocky love (teach)
  • Rocky love (preferred)

  • the Electric Slide (with demo)
  • le continental (with music)
  • the Continental (demo)
  • Lindi Shuffle (with demo)
  • Just another ordinary day (step sheet) music I Just Called to Say... I love you

  • Creations & Experiments -
    Diettools | Evangeline Poems | Little Math Puzzle | Pottery by Tom | Lakeshore Potteries | Custom Crafts by David Murray | Bluenose II | Pajar canada | Red Bubble.com | la galerie et cafe des artistes a place to find Tom's Pots

    Pottery - Stores & Tools & Studio Stuff
  • Ceramic Dust in the Studio
  • Toxic Stuff Hazards in the Studio
  • Toxic Stuff in the Studio
  • Plainsman Clays
  • Pottery Supply House Clays, tools...
  • Bartlett Instruments electronic kiln..
  • Sial pottery supply..
  • Tuckers pottery supply..
  • Troy Bungart Unique brushes & bristle supplies.
  • Pottery Studios in the Montreal area.

    Practice and Learn start here
  • 7 steps to making a cylinder ! - SIMON LEACH
  • TimSee first day of class stuff
  • Simon Leach bud vase ... I could learn from this for ever.
  • Six steps to throwing bliss
  • The Clay Lady beginner options - one way to do it
  • Mats Svensson pottery demos
  • Juson Dunn trimming advice.
  • no language off the hump still good advice, storied potter
  • centering Liz Duarte demonstrates
  • Glazing Techniques with Chic Lotz covers a lot & says all the right stuff. All about glazes with Chic Lotz

    Demos in French
  • La Main D'Argile Apprendre le tournage
  • La Main D'Argile Apprendre le tournage bol
  • Stage de tournage - tournage d'un bol Poterie du Carbassou

    Pottery - YouTube
  • Steve Booton Brit Potter
  • Stephanie Wright wow a 4D potter.
  • Recent pottery demos
  • Kay Austen Squamish potter
  • Marth Grover nice altered forms... how to do hand built that merits respect
  • Matthew Kelly pottery demos
  • Johnthepotter making a living on Youtube etc
  • Lee Cartledge another brit potter with his own style
  • Joel Cherrico making spirals
  • John by Diane McNeil production potter
  • Cameron Willaims Pottery Teaches
  • Lakeside Pottery pottery tips & demos
  • John Britt pottery glaze theory and demos
  • Phil Rogers another high fire british potter worth watching
  • ArtbyFuzzys Brandon Schwartz - side firing
  • Messy Ceramics by teacher of teens - another beginner method
  • Tap Centre by Robert Vance (engineering analysis
  • Tulip bowl by Simon Levin & Ceramics Arts Daily
  • Simon Leach Pottery sleachpots
  • youdanxxx pottery demos
  • tim pottery demos
  • Warren MacKenzie another Leach student
  • Josh Pehrson Ceramics throwing porcelain & crystal glazes - much measuring for challenging shapes.
  • Janis Hughes Evolution Stoneware
  • Adam Field good thowing suggestions
  • Six Kilo Bowl by Riccardo Gori - get your height first.
  • cacchi29 Amazing large off the hump Kim Kyungduk - Korea
  • Jack Boyle Throwing standing in Florida
  • David & Mary Cuzick Throwing and glazing
  • Jessy Johanneck pottery farm demos
  • Bill van Gilder pottery demos youtube
  • Guy Wolff flower pots... big stuff
  • sealeymorris pottery demos, Rob Sutherland
  • Amanda Weigl Walnut Street Sampler

    Pottery - Other Potters - shape inspiration
  • used to be Lakeshore Pottery Trail.....Groups on the West Island of Montreal. lespoteries.net discontinued
  • Out of the Fire Studio Shape inspiration
  • Fusion The Ontario Clay and Glass Association
  • Pine Root Pottery wood fire kilns - Mark Peters
  • Ceramic Arts Daily Pottery Illustrated etc. video
  • Sheffield pottery information
  • 1001 Pots pottery exhibition
  • Beurrier Breton Jean-Claude Lebeau - kiln maintenance
  • Wendy's Collection many pieces for inspiration.. Leach, Cardew etc
  • vermont crafts clay links
  • Jody Johnstone wood kiln in Maine.
  • Becca Van Fleet on the tree
  • Crowan Crafts uk pottery, Harry Davis
  • Ceramike lots of ideas
  • Pine Mills Pottery reduction but form & texture ideas
  • Virtual Library of Ceramics links to guilds
  • Pottery by Tom... my business card
  • Martha Grover... makes slabs look easy
  • Gauley River Pottery inspiration.
  • Yaki another thrower..slab plates.
    Beginner Wheel
  • artshaven much info on pottery

    Sites -
  • Total Choice Hosting
  • Total Choice Invoices
  • NetFirms.com Domain Names & Hosting
  • AnyThing Fabric.net af@sprucelog
  • AnyThing Fabric.net
  • Qparse Web Mail
  • Qparse control
  • Tim Myra.com
  • scotmurray.blogspot.com
  • Scot Murray.com
  • Färsk web design print design and more
  • Färsk web programming Färsk graphics
  • Clumsy Lovers Trent Freeman

    Games & Puzzles -
  • Sudoku
  • Crossword
  • Create your own free printable Crossword crosswordpuzzles.net
  • Little Math Puzzle

    Software -
  • TuCows Shareware.com Download.com ZDNet
  • Amazon.com
  • AnimFactory
  • GRsites - Fonts

    OnLine Connections -
  • Royal Bank
  • Hydro Qc.
  • Videotron
  • PayPal
  • Revenue Quebec
  • QPP
  • Federal Goverment
  • WalMart Photo developing
  • Staples Bureau en Gros
  • Canadian Fido cell
  • Future Shop ca

    Family Tree Searches -
  • archives.gnb.ca This is for the births and deaths –vital stats in archives.
  • NB Newspaper clippings 1800 on....

    Teacher Places -
  • Rules on How to Cite.
  • KidLink Research information for whatever project - organized by subject & grade level & graphic content.
  • Quebec English Schools Network Quebec Education Resources in French - very extensive & complete.

  • Canada's SchoolNet projects & resources for schools and students.

  • News
  • The News CBC - a source of current news.

    Local CÉGEPs on the Net
  • John Abbott
  • Vanier College

  • Mount Allison

    Other School Stuff
  • masters in art education for art students looking to further their careers and education. Masters degree programs in art education gives a state organized list of schools.
  • Advice to High School students about preparing for college (suggestion passed on by Karen Murphy for Taylor)
  • Computer Game Design schools ..a Guide to Computer Game Design Schools
  • online math degrees a place to start

    Local Schools on the Net
  • Centennial High School | Selwyn HS | Trafalgar School | E. M. S. B. | Lester B. Pearson School Board | Centennial Regional HS | School Net | The Sacred Heart School of Montreal | Lower Canada College | RWA

    | RWA - old school

    Vincent Chandler

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