The Little Learning Quiz Center

These are sets of short lessons with quizes on a variety of topics. Created by students in Grade 8.
They are instantly corrected on-line, and may be repeated until you can get them perfect and... hopefully you will learn something along the way.

Quizes on a variety of topics of interest to our students.
  • Lessons, April, 2000, T. Murray's grade 8 Class 05
  • Lessons, December, 1999, T. Murray's grade 8 Class 01

  • This is a sample quiz page scored client side. Created '97 by T. Murray. This is a improved sample quiz page scored client side. Improved '98 by T. Murray with the help of D.Q. & guru 'Mech'.
    Here is the sample quiz page improved by Scot February '98.
    Here is a sample quiz using radio buttons, It also keeps score.

    Last updated July 30th 1999 by T. Murray the grade 8 teacher who worked on this activity.
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