80 Something - in Verse
by Evangeline Murray

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My father
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July 2003

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January 1, 2001
My father

I think my father treasured me
Though boys were valued more.
Though I grew up I never had
More burdens than before.

Itís true I took in morning tea
And mastered how to knit
A lady I was born to be
A lady - that was it.

At last I satisfied my
Dad Although he had to wait
I did it as he would have done
The choosing of a mate.

There are more lines that do apply
The way I think to-day.
I think the highlight of his life
Was giving me away.
Poem #8.

Captain Phillips came to the Canadian Navy from the Royal Navy as a naval architect.

January 1, 2001
New Years' Eve

Perhaps our New Yearsí could be dull
But this year it was not.
We had a party brought to us
By Tom & Joan & Scot.

They brought a special cold dessert
Divisible by five
We sat around in candle light
So glad to be alive.

The center piece had big balloons
With hats and streamers too
The old year went out with a bang
And ushered in the new.
Poem #9.

Tom & his wife Joan and son Scot are the only descendants still living in Quebec.

January 2, 2001
A thank you to brother Raymond

Do you recall when we were young
I played with words and rhymes?
I never had enough to do
So did it many times.

This Christmas I received a book
To write in as before
And when I looked for something else
I found I had three more.

However we have just one board
As lavish as you sent
I like to stroke it with my hand
Perhaps not what you meant.

But since then we have made a move
I trust not a mistake
To our delight it was just right
To hold our Christmas cake
Poem #12.

Raymond one of Evangeline's younger brothers.

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