80 Something - in Verse
by Evangeline Murray

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July 2003

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May 2, 2002
Moving Day

To-day is moving day for me
So much to keep in mind.
I'm thankful for the help I have
And for the clues I find.

At Least I won't be far away
Whatever I forget.
I'm there to ease the stress I have
And let the snapped bone set.

I think I'll miss the Lazy Boy
And the familiar things.
I think the unknown is a threat
With the imaginings.

Poem on page #61.

Elizabeth came from Ottawa to help Mother move into the Montclair Residence. We arrived as the rain was letting up and waited for the room to be ready.

May 3, 2002
The Sunset Scene

The sunset scene is an ocean view
Of breakers rolling in
It has an ornate golden frame
But somehow fails to win

I don't know where the artist was
Who painted sea and sky.
The light behind was fading fast.
How could he dare to try?

Perhaps he thought he knew it all
And tried it with his hand.
But he forgot what happens with
The water on the sand.

Poem on page #62.

May 4, 2002
Retrospective on The Break

I pray don't talk of it today
The threat of stiffening shoulder
Just try to make the challenge less.
I am in pain and older.

I'm glad you know about this threat
Just pass the info on
To someone who is close to me
Although right now they're gone.

At present I must get about
And find the way that's best.
There's just one arm to do it with.
And then I need some rest.

This is a retrospective verse
I didn't write it then.
It happened just a month ago
I trust it won't again.

Poem on page #63.

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