80 Something - in Verse
by Evangeline Murray

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July 2003

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January 2, 2001

It may be that more verses come
Than reasonably should
Itís not bad fun to do again
The thing I always could.

And you may comment
Not again - another one of those
But at this point in time they come
more easily than prose.
Poem #11.


January 3, 2001
The University Club Luncheon

To-day we go to Daddyís Club
The party is at noon.
For him the timing is just right,
For me a little soon.

Tomorrow is my hair-do day
Iíll party just the same
Theyíve read the story of my life
In print and with my name.

Theyíve seen our cards, still on display
From Christmases gone by
They have more things to think about
Than messy hair and why.

There is a sequel to all this
The party was such fun
I hope I will be asked again
To the succeeding one.
Poem #13.

Card description?

January 4, 2001
A normal painting day

Iíll wear my painting pants to-day
And Lionel wonít care
Itís always hard in winter time
Deciding what to wear.

Itís urgent to be warm and dry
And preferably neat
You have to think about the thing
Thatís just right on your feet.

But after that, an easy one
Although my brain feels dim
Thereís no decision I must make
Before I have my swim.
Poem #17.

Lionel is Evangeline's hair dresser. On the day when she gets her permanent she can have a swim without caring about her curls. She would stop by the pool after her morning at the studio.

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