80 Something - in Verse
by Evangeline Murray

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July 2003

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May 4, 2002
The Unripe Fruit

They brought me a banana
It didn't seem quite ready.
Should I just take it to my room
would my left hand be steady?

And then in time when it was done
Where would I put the peel?
I have some plastic bags at home
But here, what could I seal?

I had a lot of time to think
Of what on earth to do.
So I enjoyed it then and there
This challenge was quite new.

Poem on page #64.

Mother was using her cane which left her no hand to carry with. At the apartment they bagged the banana skins separately because of the smell.

May 4, 2002
Recopying the '85 Diary

It gives me pleasure to look back
To Spring of '85
I'm glad what I recorded then
Has managed to survive.

I never could know otherwise
All that was going on
For memory's a fragile thing
And moments can be gone.

But I can read of what I did,
A lot of portraits then.
And who made Easter baskets
And who brought flowers and when.

Poem on page #65.

The '85 diary was falling apart and was fun to relive as it was copied over.

May 4, 2002
Café au lait

They offer me 'Café au lait'
I'd rather 'à la crème'.
If I were given Coffee-Mate
There would be 'pas problem'.

Coffee is a luxury
Quite special and for fun.
It seems we all have preferences
I'm not the only one.

However if I'm offered it,
I don't just give it back.
I never would put milk in it
But I will drink it black.

Poem on page #66.

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